Roux the Day!

Okay…so that’s a totally cheesy title, but Roux Louisiana Kitchen in Santana Row (San Jose, CA) is a pretty fantastic fancy pants restaurant. Featuring southern-style cuisine, it’s more comfort than calorie-conscious food, but you should know that from the name. The interior is stunning and the food is original and quite tasty, as I can attest to from sampling the plates I shot. Check out the photos below or the whole gallery here.

This is the sentry located in the men’s bathroom. I don’t know if the girls get one too!

These are some of the most popular appetizers. The mozzarella-stick-lookin-things are actually fried grits [tasty]. The big, seasoned potato fries are as they appear. The balls are called “hush puppies” which are basically dumplings/dough, deep-fried. I actually liked them but I don’t think they’re for everyone. Roux’s owner told me back in the day they were originally made from kitchen scraps and thrown to the dogs to keep them quiet, hence the apropos name!

These look like crab cakes, but are in fact fried green tomatoes. I don’t like tomatoes, but these don’t taste anything like tomatoes, which made them edible to me. The fruit itself really didn’t have any flavor at all, come to think of it.

The classic Po’ Boy, but with pulled pork that went into the oven the night before at a paltry 200-degrees. Thassa some goooood pork!

Big hunks of seared ahi tuna. Quite tasty.

I think this is Bananas Foster. I wasn’t going to try it because I don’t care for bread pudding, which is what this looks like. But finally I took up a fork an wouldn’t ya know it, it’s damn tasty!

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