Give Me a Y-O-G-A!

Linda McGrath of Yoga Source Los Gatos needed some group and individual shots of her Yoga teachers. We met at the front lawn of Los Gatos High School, which is big, beautiful, green, dotted with tall palm trees, which would help accentuate the reaching poses. It was hot as hell, and everyone was wearing all black bodywear, so I made the executive decision to do the shoot in the shade. It was a sunny day, so I had the lights at practically full power to cover the distance they had to be from the subjects for the larger group shots, as well as to bring down the ambient light.

We did a bunch of small groups and some individual headshots (full gallery here) over the course of a couple hours. Everyone was so nice! I’ve taken a few yoga classes, and they certainly know what they’re doing at Yoga Source. It’s no wonder they’re so highly acclaimed as one of the best Yoga Studios in the Bay Area.

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