Lorig Family, Natural Bridges

OK, so I mainly chose the location because of the iconic natural bridges that give the park its namesake, but if I’ve learned anything about photography, it’s to assume nothing about weather, light, kids good behavior, camera and lighting gear functioning properly… you get the picture.

Anyways, I met the Lorig family in the parking lot. The weather in Santa Cruz was gorgeous, but the waves were HUGE, like, knocking pelicans off their perch on top of the natural bridge rock huge. Normally there’s a beach to walk up and down, but the waves washed over everything essentially making the dry part of the usually large beach much, much smaller.

Luckily there’s many cool little nooks in the picnic area if you’re willing to explore a little, so there was no need to panic. We still tried to get some shots walking along the wet beach, and almost lost a pair of flip flops for our trouble. Enjoy the slidshow of 65 photos below, or check out all 180 final photos on my portfolio site!

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[slidepress gallery=’lorig-family’]

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