First Graders Attack Monterey Bay Aquarium

Ok, so forgive me the dramatic headline. I’m on a roll for non-professional posts on my blog, so here’s one more; I tend to avoid putting personal stuff here, but I thought there were a few gems from today that I had to share. Well more than a few – between my wife and I we had 8 kids to chaperone at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, so we had our hands full and there were plenty of photo opportunities. Usually my littlest one clings to me when we visit this place (which makes taking pictures challenging), but she latched onto several other over her big sister’s classmates, freeing me up to snap a few candids here and there.

I was surprised how good all the kids were, and the aquarium wasn’t as crazy busy as we’d experienced in the past – probably because it was a weekday. The newest exhibits are jaw-dropping, I really loved the seahorses. The exhibit about climate change was also really, really well done. Highly interactive and informative, yet scientific and fun.

My coverage of the day is split between all the candid moments I witnessed throughout the day and the wondrous animals exhibited at the aquarium. Wherever possible I tried to join the two, to show some mixed species interaction, if you will. The penguins, sea otters, bat rays and sea turtles all seemed visibly interested in the curious faces on the far side of the plexiglass, it was a joy to behold. Please enjoy the photos in the slideshow below, or jump to all 143 photos here.

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