Bonny Doon Residence (Real Estate)

My parents-in-law are selling their lovely property they’ve raised their kids in – it’s about 30 minutes out of Santa Cruz in the mountains, near a small town named Bonny Doon. It’s a large piece of land with expansive yard, beautiful garden, separate garage, storage, play area, and of course an amazing three story-ish house that I have many fond memories of. Their kids are in middle/high school now, so it makes more sense to live closer to town. I’m sad to say goodbye to the place (as I’m sure they are as well), but hopefully it will go to a family that will appreciate all it has to offer. I was honored they asked me to take all the photos of the property – this will help everyone remember it at its finest state. Here’s a select few, the rest are here.

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  • July 23, 2010 - 3:44 pm

    Lisa D - I have many fond memories to. The house looks great! Great Pictures!