Manuel Romero (Musician Portraits)

Manuel Romero gives a solid first impression as a striking-looking young dude, and then he picks up his guitar and starts playing and singing, and you can’t help but smile. We had hair, makeup and Starbucks – you know, the whole shebang – show up for this portrait shoot at Maceio in downtown San Jose. The intent for this shoot was to have a cover to put on Tastes of San Jose Magazine. We were originally envisioning the shoot happening indoors, but I really liked some of the brick walls, stairs and other areas around the back patio so I spent most of the time shooting there. We did go inside towards the end to capture Manuel in the colorful context of the Brazilian Steakhouse, which turned out pretty decent. Here’s a selection from the 1.5 hour shoot below. There’s 74 photos to look at in total at my proofing site,

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  • September 13, 2011 - 7:29 pm

    stephanie venegas - I Love Manuel Romero && Im So Glad I Got TO Meet Him In Real Lifee<3333