The Bakers (Family Portraits)

Today I met Nicole and Joey Baker and their adorable little girls Mackenzie (lil’) and Madison (lil’ bigger) at the house they rented for their Santa Cruz vacation. It was a little chillier than they expected so of course mom had to go shopping for some more appropriate accoutrement 🙂 I’m glad she did, because those fur vests were too freaking adorable. It looked good on Madison too haha. Anyways, the house they were staying in was a short walk to Black’s beach – which is kind of around the bend and East of Twin Lakes beach. I’d never been there, but it was pretty scenic. There’s lots of rocks, some cliff walls, and even sea anemone-populated tide pools! The sun was peeking in and out of the clouds the whole time, but there were points where I had to drop everything and tell them I was taking a moment to be a landscape photographer it was just so gorgeous.

Even though it was chilly and a little breezy, Joey, Nicole and daughters were really great – I didn’t have to perform nearly as many acrobatics and other attention-getting antics with these littles as I usually do. Here’s a few of my favorites from our professional family photography session, please leave a comment if you like what I did. If you’d like to see more, all 99 photos from the session are at

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