Joe + Christine (Engagement Photography)

I’ve been trying to get all my new brides-to-be excited about engagement sessions – they’re great practice for the big day, but in a low-stress, easygoing environment. There’s no dress, no bridesmaids, and certainly no mothers making unreasonable demands. It’s just me and the couple, exploring what poses and angles are the most flattering, and getting comfortable with the artistic dance that is wedding and portrait photography.

I met Joe and Christine at Belgatos Park in Los Gatos. None of us had been there before, so we really didn’t know what the place was all about. It’s at the base of the Santa Cruz mountains, so we only had 20 minutes of sun left when we started shooting. We immediately climbed to the top of the first hill (note to self: start running again) to take advantage of the setting sun and eek as much light out as we could. It was muddy from the recent rains, and I made Joe and Christine walk through and sit on all kinds of “pokey” things. They were real troopers, though, and collectively took one for the team. It was kind of like a team building ropes course, except for marriage instead of a boy scout badge. I give Joe and Christine a gold star each for their performance in front of the camera.

Below are my favorite photos from our engagement session, there’s 93 edited photos in total to peek at on my proofing website, Enjoy, and leave a comment if you get the urge.

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