The Thompsons (Family Portraits)

I first met David and his boys at Frederick Street Park by my house, and as dads will do, we got to talking. Actually, dads tend to ignore each other (and their kids), preferring the company of their smartphones – but in this case we struck up a conversation and found out we had a lot in common. I don’t usually bring up the fact that I’m a family photographer with other adults at parks – I feel too much like a salesman – but nevertheless we ended up booking a session.

We met at the most popular Santa Cruz beach destination – Natural Bridges. David’s wife Angela was very sweet, and the two boys made sure I earned my money trying to get their attention for the photos! They’re full of energy, and we had a good time figuring out how to channel it into keepsake photographs. I think we got a few. My favorites are below, there’s 94 edited photos in total to check out at my proofing site,

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