Jenn + Jacob (Santa Clara Engagement Photography)

Who cares about football anyway – not me, Jenn or Jacob, apparently… While everyone was glued to their televisions watching stupid Superbowl ads, the three of us were having a blast at Central Park in Santa Clara. It’s an expansive public park with playgrounds, large fields, old trees, a baseball field, a large pond with tons of goose crap around it and a nifty pavilion area that probably looks stunning during non-winter seasons. Enjoying the string of beautiful spring-like days we’ve been having, we walked all around the park shooting at this location and that. Jenn and Jacob brought their softball gear to add a little unique props to some of the photos, as they’re both avid players. The engagement shoot was romantic and playful, and I hope serves to get them both super excited about their upcoming wedding – I can’t wait!

Here’s my favorite photos from the engagement session, there’s 154 edited photos in total at

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