Shawn + Joy = Summer > Pierce > Julia (Family Photography)

I’ve known Shawn and Joy for a long time – we met when they were just dating back in college at Cal Poly, SLO. We did a lot together back in the day, then went our separate ways, and only recently have rekindled our old friendships now that life has brought us back on the same U.S. Coast and within driving distance of each other. The Jackmans brought their three kids (Summer, Pierce and Julia) down to Santa Cruz for the day so we could catch up, and of course get a few family photos in there as well.

We walked from our house to Seabright Beach, which is always a fun place to shoot. We did a few formal group shots of the whole family, then focused on smaller groups and individual shots later. It’s always best to get the big groups out of the way first as the kids tend to get more out of hand with every passing minute – especially at the beach!

We probably only spent about 30 minutes shooting, but we got some keepers, some of which I’d like to share with you below. If you’d like to see more, please visit

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