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Zeppoles - Dessert Food Photography at East Coast Alice Restaurant in Saratoga, California

Zeppoles – Dessert Photos at East Coast Alice in Saratoga

Zeppoles are basically fried donut holes, and these particular doughy balls of deliciousness are served with a side ofView full post »

Grand Marnier Souffle dessert photography at Le Papillon in San Jose

Grand Marnier Soufflé at Le Papillon in San Jose

I met up with the talented Executive Chef Scott Cooper at Le Papillon in San Jose to photograph one of their finestView full post »

Palo Alto Restaurant Food and Portrait Photography at MacArthur Park

Restaurant Food and Portrait Photography at MacArthur Park in Palo Alto

These are some of the best photos from a multi-day photo shoot at the fine restaurant MacArthur Park in Palo Alto. WeView full post »

Pizza Dough Slingers - Kianti's Santa Cruz - Photos by Bay Area Restaurant Photographer Chris Schmauch www.GoodEyePhotography.com

“Dough” Slingers at Kianti’s (Restaurant Lifestyle Photography) @ Santa Cruz, California

OK, so it’s not “real” pizza dough, but it still takes some mad skills and coordination to workView full post »


Photo of the Day (PotD) – A Splash of Cream

PotD: 2010.10.15 Date Taken: 2010.03.11 Photo Specs: Nikon D3 + 60mm/2.8 lens, 1/800 sec, f/8, ISO 500 Lighting Specs:View full post »


Baklava (New Restaurant)

Newly opened in Palo Alto, right off University Ave., Baklava is a welcoming, open sidewalk/patio MediterraneanView full post »

PB&J: Panko Crusted Scallops, Thai Peanut Mashed Potato, Port Gele & Blackberry-Cilantro Compote

More “Fast” Food (Kaama Lounge)

In my last post, I showed some select shots from the first shoot with Matt Mermod, the Executive Chef atView full post »


Kaama Lounge (Food Action!)

I met with Executive Chef Matt Mermod at Kaama Lounge, which is slated to open in the next couple of weeks at 385 S.View full post »

Duck, Duck, Shoot!

Went back to Shokolaat today to shoot this fine, fine duck dish. Shekoh, the owner, was kind enough to let me eat itView full post »


The $10,000 Pasta Machine

Why would anyone need a ten-thousand-dollar machine dedicated simply to kneading dough into varying strips andView full post »