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Lifestyle business portrait photography at Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz, California

Lifestyle Business Portraits at Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz

Brenda needed some portraits for her new real estate venture, but she wanted more of a natural lifestyle feel to theView full post »

Dramatic Sunset / Ocean Wedding Portrait Photography in Monterey, California

2015 Year in Review

I have a really hard time picking my favorites from each shoot, but it’s a great exercise to review your workView full post »

Mountain View Headshot Photography – Indoors and Outdoors – by Bay Area commercial photographer Chris Schmauch www.bayareacommercialphotographers.com

Business Head Shots in Mountain View

When I take an individual’s portrait for business purposes, I try to find out exactly how they intend to use theView full post »

Mother Daughter Portraits in Aptos - by Bay Area commercial photographer Chris Schmauch

Mother Daughter Portraits in Aptos

While this was technically intended to be a business headshot portrait taken at my client’s home in Aptos, herView full post »

Palo Alto Restaurant Food and Portrait Photography at MacArthur Park

Restaurant Food and Portrait Photography at MacArthur Park in Palo Alto

These are some of the best photos from a multi-day photo shoot at the fine restaurant MacArthur Park in Palo Alto. WeView full post »

2014 Best of – Business Portraits – Photos by Bay Area photographer Chris Schmauch www.GoodEyePhotography.com

Best Of: Business Portrait Photography

About This Post I shoot quite a few portraits (both group and individual) for commercial / business-use every year.View full post »

Santa Clara Business Portraits for Executives - by Bay Area Photographer Chris Schmauch www.GoodEyePhotography.com

Silego (Executive Portrait Photography) @ Santa Clara, California

About This Post These are some on-location head shots for Silego Technology in Santa Clara. They needed some portraitsView full post »

Business Portrait Photo - Aptos - By Bay Area Headshot Photographer Chris Schmauch

Christie (Business Portrait Photography) @ Aptos, California

About This Post Christie is a professional personal assistant, and needed some new portraits for her businessView full post »

Aptos Business Portrait Photos - Realtor - by Bay Area Portrait Photographer Chris Schmauch

Tony M (Business Portrait Photography) @ Aptos, California

About This Post For some reason I’ve been shooting a lot of head shots for realtors – maybe it’s my newView full post »

Tracy and Kelly - Kianti's Owners - Photos by Bay Area Portrait Photographer Chris Schmauch www.GoodEyePhotography.com

Kianti’s Owners Tracy and Kelly (Portrait Photography) @ Santa Cruz, California

Tracy and Kelly, owners of Kianti’s Pizza & Pasta Bar restaurant in Santa Cruz, needed some updated portraitsView full post »

Ethan Bearman - Entertainer and Talk Show Host - Lifestyle Portrait Photos on the Beach - by Bay Area Photographer Chris Schmauch www.GoodEyePhotography.com

Ethan Bearman – Media Personality and Talk Radio Host (Lifestyle Portraits) @ New Brighton Beach, Aptos, California

Ethan Bearman changes his look every couple of years, and a quick google image search proves this is no understatement.View full post »

Business Portrait Photos - Kaelin - Henry Cowell, Felton

Kaelin (Business Portrait Photography) @ Henry Cowell, Felton, California

I shot Kaelin and Jayson’s wedding last Fall, so she is no stranger to my photographic style and capabilities. IView full post »


New Dishes (Food Photography) by Executive Chef John Hart at Ducca Restaurant, Westin Hotel, San Francisco

The Westin Hotel in San Francisco is sporting an awesome new executive chef these days. His name is John Hart, andView full post »


Executive Chef John Hart (Portrait Photography) @ The Westin, San Francisco

The Westin Hotel in San Francisco has a new Executive Chef in their restaurant, and he’s making some tastyView full post »


Lucina Health Foundation (Business Headshot Photography) @ City Hall, San Jose

San Jose City Hall unarguably exhibits beautiful architecture, with sweeping, curving lines and elegant glass andView full post »


National Hispanic University Faculty (Business Portrait Photography) @ San Jose

I was hired to shoot the 2012 Awards Ceremony at National Hispanic University in San Jose, and since I was there, weView full post »

Santa Cruz Headshot Photographer - David and Ranvir Portraits at Sash Mill - Photos by Bay Area Portrait Photographer Chris Schmauch www.GoodEyePhotography.com

David and Ranvir (Business Portrait / Headshot Photography) @ Sash Mill, Santa Cruz

About This Post David and Ranvir needed some new business portraits for their law firm – they were looking forView full post »


Kathy (Portrait Photography) @ Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz

Kathy needed an updated headshot for professional use, so we met at the Museum of Art and History in downtown SantaView full post »


David Lawson (Portrait Photography)

In these connected days, we’ve got personal and professional profiles on a myriad of different website –View full post »


David Evans, Singer (Portrait Photography)

I met David this morning at Holy Cross Church in Santa Cruz. Recently graduated from college back East, David is layingView full post »


Maxi Bond: Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer Extraordinaire (Portrait Photography)

I had a quick (See: 10 minute) photo shoot with Maxi this morning for the next cover of Tastes of San Jose Magazine. WeView full post »


Chef Marco Fossati (Creative Portraits) at Quattro, Four Seasons Hotel, East Palo Alto

Chef Marco Fossati was the original Executive Chef for Quattro when the restaurant first opened with the new FourView full post »


Manuel Romero (Musician Portraits)

Manuel Romero gives a solid first impression as a striking-looking young dude, and then he picks up his guitar andView full post »


Elizabeth (Portrait)

I met Elizabeth at Natural Bridges this evening to shoot some portraits for her personal use. She’s anView full post »