Beautifull! Food

This is a follow-up to Beautifull!’s architectural photos, click here if you missed that post.

We didn’t plan on shooting any food, but like many photo shoots, it just kinda… happened. It started out with a “hey, let’s get some shots of the [delicious] polenta fries in front of the oven” …which quickly moved on to “pizza” – and before we knew it we were shooting half the menu with excellently-plated presentations… Good thing I always bring all my lighting gear, even when I don’t think I’ll need it!

Much of Beautifull!’s food is behind chilled glass display windows – but luckily these panels lift easily so I could get some shots in situ. For the plated dishes we put a bunch of white printer paper on a table as a makeshift studio and went to town. Looking at the end result, you’d never know we used such an improvised setup! Enjoy the slideshow of my favorites below, all hi-res printable photos are here.

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[slidepress gallery=’beautifull-food’]

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